Services provided by Castor Peak Catchment Solutions (CPCS) are centered around promoting ecological resiliency and increasing the capture and storage of water on the landscape through natural means. The achievement of these goals is contingent upon ecological knowledge, understanding and continued research and analysis of the watershed for which the services are intended.  Land management for ecological resiliency in arid ecosystems is dependent upon water retention capacity on the landscape. The catchment potential must be realized as an essential component for ecosystem resiliency and as an approach to mitigate the challenges of climate change. To support land management actions towards resilient ecosystems we offer ecological resiliency management planning. To further support quality catchment solutions and land management decisions, monitoring and assessment services are available.We provide an alternative to the human bio-engineering in ecological restoration by way of beaver translocation/reintroductions. To bridge the gaps in wetland and stream restoration knowledge we offer post stream and wetland restoration monitoring (short and long-term options available).

CPCS recognizes that education provides a vital connection between community and catchment solutions practices. As part of our mission we present educational workshops and field trainings.

Services offered:

Cost of our services is determined by the size of the watershed and services selected.  Please contact us for more information.