Post Stream & Wetland Restoration Monitoring & Assessment

Ecological restoration is a strategy increasingly utilized to solve, enhance, mitigate or manage environmental problems. The degree of recovery towards the desired functionality or natural trajectory needs to be understood and monitored for effective management. CPCS offers monitoring and analysis services post wetland or stream restoration. We qualitatively and quantitatively assess: structure, function, species composition and recruitment for lentic and lotic systems.  CPCS promotes monitoring above and below the restored site to inform future management decisions. We also provide a detailed monitoring and analysis report specifying the monitoring results, maps, conclusions and further recommendations for management within the drainage, and or catchment.

Post wetland restoration monitoring may include but is not limited to:

  • Piezometer and temperature gauge installations – to monitor changes in temperature and groundwater levels
  • Water quality data collection (temperature, clarity, dissolved oxygen, conductance, salinity, N, P, and macroinvertebrates).
  • Surface water energy changes (development of sandbars, or floodplains, sinuosity, pool and riffle development)
  • Wetland vegetation and recruitment
  • Hydric soil development
  • Bank stability
  • Substrate