Stakeholder workshops
1-5 day workshops addressing collaborative decision making for water and wetland resource management. We design the curriculum to facilitate innovation and collaboration where stakeholder challenges exist.

  • Objectives
    • Introduce problem solving through innovation, ideology and methodology
    • Address collective problem solving through specific exercises
    • Collectively create a common resource goal
    • Utilize the learned methodologies of collaboration and innovation to mutually develop a plan for adaptively managing the resource for continued ecological resiliency

K-12 Field Education
K-12 one day field education targets wetland education and ecological resiliency. One day field education is offered free, but requires at least a one month advance request. States we operate in New Mexico, Nevada Arizona, California, Utah, and Colorado.We give free field day education for K-12 classes because we believe that being of service benefits all life and are committed to:

  1. The possibility of future generations adaptively managing natural resources for ecological resiliency
  2. Guiding and nurturing students towards collaborative and scientifically informed natural resource decisions.
  • Objectives
    • Provide students the opportunity to be in nature and utilize problem solving skills collaboratively
    • Nurture student awareness of and caring capacity for natural resources
    • Provide diversity in the learning process which fosters student innovation
    • Engage students in critical thinking about land management practices which support healthy catchments and healthy communities.